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Tohle sepsali moje dvě úžsný kámošky!!! ♥Ewinga♥ blogy Tady a Tady. A ♥Denizga♥ blogy Tady,Tady a Tady!!! Jsou to hlášky z Twilight. Většina Anglicky a něco málo česky to nevěděli jak se to řekne a nechtěli to překládat :-)

-About three things I was absolutely positive.
Fist, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him - and I didn't know how domination tahat part migh be - that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love whit him.
-Hello. I'am sorry didn't chance introduce myself last week. I'am Edward Cullen. You'r Bella? Yes. You'r gone.
- What if I'am not hero...What if I'am bad guy?
-Bella this is worm. This is worm.
-Compost tea. Don't drinking this don't drinking.
-No It's a mask,
-You'r possibly fast and strong. You'r skin is pale while ice cold. You'r eyes chance color. You never drink anything. You gone a sunn day. How old'r you? Seventeen. And how long you are seventeen? A while. I know what you are. Say It. Alound... Say It. Vampire... Are you afraid? No. Then a most put me qouestion. What do we eat. You don't hurt me.
-And so the lion fell in love with lamb.Stupid lamb. So A sick masochistick lion.
-You'r out. It's just a game.
- It's time.
-My monkey man.
- I'am Laurent. This is Victoria and James. I'am Carlisle and my family.
-This is Esme my mother.
-Hi Bella. I'am Alice.
-That's ok Jasper. She don't hurt.
-Believe me.
-We gary go. We gary go. Green is what? Good! Let's go.
-Our bus is full.
-Gold onion.
-And you are unhappy now.
-You'r beutiful. This is skin killer Bella.
-I don't care.
-Like together together.
- And big guy Emmett. And the blond girl is Rosalie.
-Bella and me.
-The animal.
-La push baby. It's La push.
- Come. I thing have funn.
-You'r Isabela Swan? Just Bella. I'am Mike. Mike newton.
-You go to prom whit me? Prom...dancing.
- No, Edward no.
- No, probably no.
- What is in the Jacksonvill? Floridance. That's in the Jacksonvill.
-I'am sorry.
-Gemblers that's subject our prom? No It's Bond James Bond.
-Oh my god.
- You can dear? Please.
-Hi Arizona.
-Phil is very nice.
- You are my life now.
- What? Nothing.
-Wher is...wher is Edward? His sleep.
-Bella you must go to the Jacksonwile?
- Ladyes first.
-Why?Not. You stop the bens. I need know a true.
-Purple's cool.
-Bella you are remember Billy Black?
- Hi. I'am Jacob. It's good. Any cold and wet think .
- It's comlicated.
-Compost is cool.
- How you know that?
-This is story Bella.
-Don't touch me.
-Get in the car.
-Bella look.
-Money, sex, money, sex, cat.
- One mushroom ravioly.
-1,77245 .
-Don't leave me.
-See you later.
-You don't hurt me.
-I know you can.
-Good You have so muck music.
-This is my world.
-You se why.
-What is it. What you see?
-Edward stop! Blood is clean.
- No, You are here because me. You can't leave me. I'am here.
-You want go.
-Edward. She not one of us.
-Why? What it mean for me?
- Jako by to pomohlo. Cítila jsem ji přes celé hřiště.
-Tvoje změny nálad mi dávají zabrat.
- Všichni lidi strašně zírají. Ne ten kluk se jenom podíval.

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1 Trish Trish | Web | 2. června 2009 v 17:50 | Reagovat

AHOJKY.... spriateliš ??? :-)

2 belass belass | Web | 2. června 2009 v 19:38 | Reagovat

no rpstě kvásný

3 Ewinga* ♥eSBéčko♥ Ewinga* ♥eSBéčko♥ | Web | 7. června 2009 v 16:24 | Reagovat

hej dyk ten tvuj úvod a Denizga a blogy tady, tady, tady mno hukot :-D :-D

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